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Remington 870 for sale

The 12-check Remington 870 for sale Wingmaster Classic Trap appeared in 2000. With its forend and Monte Carlo stock both made of American pecan, finely engraved blued beneficiary, profoundly checkered hold surfaces, gold plated trigger and exceptionally lustrous completion, this is an ideal weapon for shooting trap!

The Model 870 Wingmaster Classic Trap is only one of the Remington 870 group of siphon activity shotguns presented many years prior. Remington likes multiplying something to be thankful for and presently has right around 30 models of the class. Creation has passed the 11 million imprint, making these the world’s record-breaking most famous siphon activity shotguns.

The RemingtonĀ  870 Wingmaster Classic Trap is on the top notch end of the 870’s range. Its center is its 30″ long light shape barrel that is finished off with a vent rib. The weapon has twin activity bars and twin dab sights. For the sights, there’s an ivory globule in front and a steel mid-dot. Also, Wingmaster Classic Trap comes standard with a triplet of Rem stifle tubes (Singles, Mid Handicap, and Long Handicap) improved for trap shooting. The fine etching is lovely, decorated as it is loaded with craftsman’s looks of thick leaves, rings and then some.

Adjusting weight, barrel, and generally speaking length that ranges 50.5″ still makes for a nimble and somewhat simple-to-utilize weapon. The siphon activity itself is rich smooth, and the firearm’s magazine holds four rounds.

Remington 870 siphon activity shotguns are Made in USA.

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