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Remington 7600 for sale

Hunts don’t always unfold like you see on TV, and when the heat of the moment finds you looking for a follow-up, our famous Model 7600 can deliver with outstanding speed and accuracy, time and time again. Remington 7600 For Sale. Remington 7600.

Our ever-popular Model 7600 is one of the most proven deer slayers in the woods. It has a 22 inches barrel, a four-round magazine and is available in classic wood stock and fore-end. All of our centerfire pumps feature quick-release magazines and Remington’s rotary bolt lock-up design for exceptional strength, safety and reliability. Remington 7600 carbine, remington 7600 review, remington 7600 accuracy, remington 7600 stock, remington 7600 pump 30 06, remington 7600 3006, remington 7600 high capacity magazine, remington 7600 carbine 30 06 for sale, remington 7600 35 whelen for sale, Remington 7600 magazine.

Remington 7600 magazine

You can’t find a big-game rifle with a better combination of practical shooting features: twin action bars provide slick, smooth operation for rapid repeat shots; a quick-release, drop-out four-round magazine that loads and unloads instantly; and a free-floated barrel that matches the accuracy of the best bolt guns. An ideal cross-over rifle for pump-gun wing shooters. Remington 7600 10 round magazine, remington 7600 10 rd magazine, remington 7600 10 round magazines, remington 7600 stock and forend, remington 7600 scope mounts.

  • Balance and point ability – weight distribution and slim line design result in shotgun-like balance and point ability Slide release – action,
  • slide release and safety based on the design of the model 870 America’s most popular pump shotgun, for instantaneous end-use familiarity.
  • Rotary-bolt lock-up provides rock-solid action strength.
  • Slide robust slide-action design allows for fast follow-up shots in the harshest conditions.
  • 22 inches barrel with the iron sights and receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts allowed for multi purpose options.