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Remington 1100 for sale

The Remington 1100 for sale autoloading shotgun is strangely famous with trap/skeet/sport shooters since it hits the bullseye on value, dependability, accessibility and components. The sort began as a gas worked 4+1 limit 5-shot arm presented in 1963. Remington made large number of them before the organization declared financial insolvency a second time in 2020, covering activities.

The Remington 1100 is accessible in 12, 20 and 28 checks just as .410 bore. This shotgun is credited with setting up the time of the solid, profoundly effective gas worked auto-stacking shotguns. Truth be told the Remington 1100 remaining parts one of the most outstanding selling self-loader shotguns in US history. Moreover, in 1978, it set the self-loader shotgun record for most shells discharged without cleaning, breakdown or parts at 24,000 rounds.

The 1100 is an otherworldly relative of the prior Remington 11 and Remington 11-48 model lines. Model 11-48 creation ran a long time from 1949 to 1969 and made 450,000 in that time.

The Model 1100 appeared as a 12-measure. The rough 1100 separated itself from the get-go as one of the primary self-loader shotguns to decrease pull back fundamentally while being lightweight and dependable. Remington carried out different checks over the long haul. 16-check and 20-measure continued in 1964 while 28-measure and .410-check joined the family in 1969.

Remington made an amazing number of 1100 models (or “Grades” per Remington). The 1100 Field was the standard model. The snare model was the 1100 TB. 1100 SA and SB were for skeet with the B having a superior nature of wood. Different models incorporated the 1100 D for Tournaments, 1100 F “Head” and some more.

Remington has accommodated left-gave shooters with 12-measure and 20-check models, an adolescent firearm in 20-check, 1100s with engineered stocks, the 1100 Tac-2 with a manufactured stock and single handed grip, a 50th Anniversary delivered in 2013 and a 200th Anniversary (of Remington) delivered in 2016.

While there are such a large number of various Model 1100s to detail in this space, the previously mentioned all-dark Remington Model 1100 Tac-2 (or in some cases composed as Tactical 2) 12-measure is a drawing in model. The 6+1 shotgun fixates on a 18″ barrel loaded for 2 3/4″ and that accompanies a decent further developed chamber stifle. The weapon has a dot sight. The Tac-2 gets a multi-step process including a substance plunge for its uniform impacted dark oxide finish.

The Tac’s recipient is bored and tapped so you can add a degree. In back is a R3 withdraw cushion and the weapon has a sling turn studs. Both the forend and stock are manufactured making the firearm just 7.75 pounds.

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– Twin bead target sights
– Polished blued receivers and barrels
– Semi-fancy, solid American walnut stocks and fore-ends
– Gloss wood finish with cut checkering
– Gold-plated triggers
– Sporting clays-style recoil pad